Online Tracking
Map of movements of the Egyptian Vultures marked in the framework of the project Life Rupis (GSM emitters)

The first Egyptian vulture marked under the project was a male, subadult, named Rupis, as a tribute to the Life program and our project. It was captured and marked on July 15, 2016.
It was the first time that a Egyptian vulture of the International Douro was marked with an emitter.

On 28th of May 2017 a 2nd Egyptian vulture was marked, with the purpose of studying feeding habits, routes and migration patterns.
This time, a female, named Poiares, in honor of the place where he was rescued.

The marking of Egyptian vultures for studying is one of the actions of the project Life Rupis. Better knowledge, better conservation.

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Life Rupis team rescues 4 Montagu's harrier juveniles
In a joint action lead by CERVAS, Palombar, SPEA and the Natural Park of the International Douro team, 4 Montagu's harrier juveniles were returned to nature.
All Egyptian vulture’s roads lead to the Douro – or the case of Tizón!
Domingos Leitão, the director of the Portuguese Society for the Protection of Birds, the leader of the LIFE RUPIS, was leading a group of birdwatchers when they spotted a tagged Egyptian vulture
The European Comission visited the International Douro
The Life Rupis project received the visit of two European Comission technicians, this week.